Arrange ten typically 18oz or 16oz cups in a pyramid-like formation as the diagram shows on each side of a beer pong table usually about 8ft long is standard. Fill each cup with the desired amount of beer or other alcohol or even water if you so choose. Once a ball lands in a cup, the cup is taken away and the opponent then drinks the contents of the cup. If both teammates hit cups, the balls are rolled back and they get to shoot again.

Winner of the game typically stays on the table and awaits next challenger. A list is generally formed to keep track of who is next to play. If both players miss or both players make it, their partners now shoot.

This goes on until one person makes it and their opponent does not.

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The hit cup is not removed; the ball is taken out and rolled back to the team that sank the shot If it is not the first game, the winner of the previous game shoots first.

This is usually an unspoken rule at house parties or at least until someone breaks it. When shooting, players must keep their elbows behind the edge of the table. If a wrists rule is in effect, players must keep their wrists behind the edge of the table. Breaking this rule results in the shot not counting. If the shot is made, the infracting player may step back and re-shoot the ball. Twice per game, each team can request the cups to be rearranged at the start of their turn.

This is known as re-racking, racking, or reforming. Racking may take place when you have remaining cups in the amount of 6, 4, 3, or 2. If you get balls back after making 2 in a row, it is still considered your turn and you may not get a rack. If requested, Last cup may always be pulled back and centered.

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You may have heard the expression Guys Finger, Bitches Blow during a rule summary at the beginning of a game. Blowing is when the ball is spinning inside of a cup and it is blown out by the defending team. If not specifically called at the beginning of the game, neither fingering nor blowing count.

zasady beer pong

This is due to the cheapness of the rule and the easiness of a player to blow out the ball, even after it has come into contact with the beer. At any time in the game, a player may ask for the cups to be fixed.

This is not to get confused with racking.

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This is simply putting the cups back to where they would have been had they not slid or been knocked out of position. Getting a beer pong rack helps keep things in good order.

If this cup is made by the opposing team, the game is automatically over and the team to sink the bitch cup is victorious. If the cup is still on the table and not in a hand and both balls land inside, it is 3 worth cups 2 additional chose by defending team. This is most common if players shoot at the same time or if the defending team is not paying attention.

After shooting if the ball rolls back to the shooter without hitting the floor you may also grab it mid-airthey can shoot it again behind the back.

Beer Pong Rules – House/Party Rules

The shot counts as one cup if made.To create this article, people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. The wikiHow Video Team also followed the article's instructions and verified that they work.

This article has been viewed 1, times. Learn more Few party games are so well-known and well-liked as beer pong. While technically a drinking game, beer pong requires a great deal of skill and a little luck, and it can be enjoyed by just about anybody of legal age.

This article will go over the basic rules of beer pong and variations on the rules you can include in the game if desired. Beer pong is usually played with two teams of two, but it can also be played one-on-one.

Each team fills 10 cups one-third full with beer and arranges the cups in a triangle at their end of a long table. To determine who goes first, one player from each team tries to make a cup while maintaining eye contact with their opponent.

This is called eye-to-eye. Players continue to shoot like this until someone makes a cup, and the team that makes a cup goes first.

If both players make their shot, they each get to throw the ball again. If you like, you can play so that teams leave their cleared cups on the table until the end of the shooting round, instead of drinking beer out of them immediately.

In this variation, if both players make their shot into the same cup, the opposite team removes three cups and the shooting team receives the balls back. Once there are only 4 cups left at either end of the table, the team aiming for those cups can ask for them to be rearranged into a diamond at the beginning of their turn.

Once there are only 2 cups left, the team aiming for those cups can ask for them to be rearranged into a single file line. To learn about different game rules you can try, read on! Did this summary help you?

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Matthew Kein Flemington. View Profile. Shop for Beer Pong. Beer Pong Tables. ApparelEventsT-Shirts. Drink it.If a ball lands in a cup, the defending team must remove it from the table and drink the beer in the cup. Hold your hops!


Before we get into the rules of Drunk Jenga, we want to disclose that we do not promote binge drinking and advise our fellow beer geeks to always drink responsibly! For more information, click here to learn how to be a responsible drinker. The team that is going first will have both ping pong balls.

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When a ball is sunk, that team must remove the cup from the pyramid, drink the beer, and set the cup aside. The ball is allowed to bounce, or it can go directly into the cup, but read below for details on house rules.

The game goes on until one team has no cups left. The team with remaining cups wins the game. There are a lot of different rules that can be added to your game of Beer Pong.

You are more than likely going to learn a new rule every time you play. Elbows is usually an unspoken rule… until someone breaks it. When shooting, your elbows must stay behind the edge of the table.

This means no reaching as far as you can over the table to try and sink your ball. If this rule is broken, the shot does not count. Each team is allowed to do this twice per game at the start of their turn. If your ball hits the table before going into a cup, then 2 cups are removed. If there are only 2 cups left, the bounce shot will only remove the 1 cup.

If a bounce shot is thrown, the defending team can swat the ball away before the ball hits a cup. Swatting is only allowed on a bounce shot. If a player swats on a non-bounce shot, the other team will get both balls back and shoot again. If a ball is thrown and is spinning inside of the cup, the defenders can either try to flick the ball out with one finger.

Instead of fingering the ball out, you can try to blow into the cup to get the ball out. Explosion is when both partners sink their ball into the same cup. All cups touching the cup that was sank, will also be removed. A variation to this rule is that only 3 cups are removed the cup that was sunk, and 2 additional cups chosen by the defenders. If you shoot, miss, and the ball rolls back towards you on the table you may grab the ball and re-shoot.Are you in charge of hosting the next beer pong game?

zasady beer pong

Using an outdoor table, an iridescent sealing spray, a final protective finish, and a set of acrylic paint to paint the table, as well as your mood, you can create a brand-new beer pong table yourself. The Youtuber mentions that the design she created is inspired by TikTok and takes you along the journey of her DIY process. The table ends up being incredibly stunning; you really have to see it!

You can find not one but 3 methods of making a beer pong table on this site. The first method is to make a simple and cheap beer pong table, the second method will guide you on how to make a foldable wooden table, and the final part provides you with instructions on painting the beer pong table.


Check the Details. It is more of a beer pong table painting tutorial, and these two besties have nailed the task! Sarah Ramos has more such entertaining vlogs, mostly related to makeup, clothing, and styling. It seems like beer pong is really trending on TikTok. The Youtuber Julia Fernandez and her roommate started by sanding the foldable table before priming and painting it. Moreover, I was impressed by how these girls traced the design onto the table using tissue paper.

If you want to know how, head over to the video right away! This must be one of the most efficient beer pong table designs. Make a foldable beer pong table that allows you to store all your drinking game accessories inside by following this tutorial. How cool is that? Moreover, this design is lightweight, and you can absolutely carry this just about anywhere!

The Youtuber mentions all the measurements in the video itself, so keep your ears sharp! Why play at an indoor beer pong table when you can spice up the party with a floating beer pong table?

All the tools and materials are listed at the beginning, and the procedure is made clear using photos from the actual DIY process. So, if you want to try something new, this might be the best DIY project for you to try this weekend! She had to paint the table twice since the paint peeled-off at her first attempt as the result of not sanding the table enough.

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This Youtuber also started with a store-bought foldable table. All the downloadable files, links to kits, and required software are mentioned in the tutorial. The Youtuber Joey Lopez, along with his friends, create their own custom beer pong table. He suggests his viewers not to use oil-based paints as they take too long to dry.

You can DIY your beer pong table exactly the same or take inspiration and customize it using designs that best reflect you and your circle. Remember that the Youtuber uses a store-bought foldable table as his beer pong table. Who here love epoxy DIYs? Well, we do!Beer pongalso known as Beirutis a drinking game in which players throw a ping pong ball across a table with the intent of landing the ball in a cup of beer on the other end.

The game typically consists of opposing teams of two or more players per side with 6 or 10 cups set up in a triangle formation on each side. If a ball lands in a cup, the contents of that cup are consumed by the other team and the cup is removed from the table. The first team to eliminate all of the opponent's cups is the winner. Beer pong is played at parties, bars, and at colleges and universities, [3] [4] along with other venues such as tailgating at sporting events. The game was originally believed to have evolved from the original beer pong played with paddles [10] which is generally regarded to have had its origins within the fraternities of Dartmouth College in the U.

The original version resembled an actual ping pong game with a net and one or more cups of beer on each side of the table. Bucknell University 's student-run newspaper, The Bucknellianclaims Delta Upsilon fraternity members at Bucknell created "Throw Pong", a game very similar to beer pong, during the s, [9] [14] and that "Throw Pong" was then brought to Lehigh University by fraternity brothers who visited Bucknell and this led to the creation of the version of beer pong that is played today.

In some places, Beer Pong refers to the version of the game with paddles, and Beirut to the version without. However, according to a CollegeHumor survey, beer pong is the more common term than Beirut for the paddle-less game. The origin of the name "Beirut" is disputed.

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A op-ed article in The Daily Princetonianthe student newspaper at Princeton Universitysuggested that the name was possibly coined at Bucknell or Lehigh University around the time of the Lebanese Civil War. Beirutthe capital of Lebanonwas the scene of much fighting during the war, particularly mortar fire.

Official Beer Pong Rules (Complete List)

Beer pong is usually played with two teams of two to four players each. Each team begins the game by standing at either end of the table behind their rack of cups. Although the game is typically played on either a ping pong table or a folding banquet table, enthusiasts may create a personalized table for use by friends and visitors. In general, this will be a plywood board cut to proper size, sometimes painted with sports, school, or fraternity symbols and given a liquid-proof coating.

On each side of the table, teams assemble equilateral triangles with a convergence point focusing on the other team.

An inexpensive pale lager or light beer of 3.

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For non-drinkers, the game may be played without beer, as is done at Utah State Universitywhere alcohol is not allowed on campus; root beer is used instead. Traditionally, the game of beer pong has been played by countless variations of rule sets.

In recent years, organizations such as The World Series of Beer Pong have put forth "official" rules. Typically, players abide by a uniform set of "house rules" which are often consistent within one university or region of the country e.

All house rules should be posted or verbally stated and understood by both teams before the game starts. The order of play varies - both players on one team can shoot, followed by both players on the other team, or players on opposite teams can alternate back and forth.Beer pong is without a doubt one of the most popular drinking games that exist.

However, by reading the official rules just once will save you a lot of nonsensical debate at your next party. Obviously, with any drinking game there is an adaption to the rules. But this will get you started on a night of fun. Read on for the official beer pong rules for the World Series of Beer Pong. These rules are designed with three primary goals: 1 fairness to all players; 2 efficiency in running a maximum number of games simultaneously; and 3 Minimization of possible disputes between participants.

The cup triangle must be centered on the table and the back of the rack must be in line with the back edge of the table. These water cups are not for consumption, and no person shall be required or encouraged to drink as a result of any part of the game. The cups are to be reused every round. The team with first possession will get one 1 shot.

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Each team will get two 2 shots for each turn thereafter, one shot per team member, subject to any other rules within. To determine who chooses shot vs. The ball in play may be grabbed or swatted after it has already made contact with a cup, but not while the ball is in the cup. You may not grab or swat before the ball has hit a cup except in the case of bounce shots, as permitted by the rules herein.

In the event of player interference prior to the ball making contact with a cup, i. The shooter who had his or her shot interfered with may choose the cup to be removed. Bounce shots may be swatted after the ball has made contact with the table at least once.

Players may also catch bounce shots instead of swatting. Any cups knocked over in an attempt to swat a bounce will count as made cups and will be pulled from the game. Missed non-bounce shots that ricochet back off the table or any other object, after hitting a cup or rack, or any other object on the table will count as only 1 cup and not count as 2 cups.